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A wide range of vacancies for professionals and people without qualifications. Daily update of vacancies.

We respond quickly to calls.

We have 4 managers

to avoid delays in receiving



At us you are protected from not payment of the earned money or bad working conditions

Define your need

Provide up-to-date information on the level of salaries in the labor market. All employers are verified!

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About Us

Successfully working for 4 years! We employ our clients, only to those employers we know personally! We are well aware of the current conditions on the labor market, therefore we value our reputation. Always in touch with the client, both in Ukraine and in Poland!


Proud that the customers, we have prepared a document has no faults or delays at the border, because they receive only documents from trusted employers!


Try to please everyone! If you do not even know what kind of work suits you, we will orient you, answer all your questions. And we guarantee that after working with us you come home with money, not with debts!

Our Serviсes


We provide work for men and women (couples) with and without work experience. Making the temporary residence card (residence permit).


Opening of working and Schengen visas of all categories. We also employ people without a visa if they have a biometric passport.


We help with obtaining insurance for a national visa and a Schengen visa for Poland, as well as travel insurance.

Business in Europe

We advise and help with the registration of companies in Poland. Legal support of business in Europe.

Transportation services

We provide a transfer to the work you need. All vacancies are provided by passenger transport to the place of work in Poland.


If you are a victim of cheating fraud related to work, we will provide you with the necessary advice and help in resolving all of your issues under the current legislation.

Leave a request! Our team employs about 3,000 workers each year!

An invitation for a visa is provided by a real employer!

Honestly tell you about the real level of salaries!

The processing of your personal data is strictly confidential.

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How we are working?

Leave a request

We advise you, organize a labor market monitoring, define the required position.

Search for vacancies

We conduct the final selection and booking of the necessary vacancy, prepare a package of documents

Reception of the visa

Obtaining a visa

and other permits

Beginning of work

Coordination of the terms of the trip and transfer to the place of work

Our advantages

Verified employers

Legitimacy of work

Direct communication

Proven Jobs


Data protection

Great experience of cooperation with Polish employers. All conditions of our vacancies correspond to reality!

We maintain our reputation and act strictly within the law. We do not use questionable and shadowy methods.

Always in touch! Our phones do not change from the very beginning of our activity and are always available in Ukraine and Poland!

We understand well that you need more money, but not at the price of health! We work officially!

If for some reason the work does not suit you, we will replace it for you.

We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of all data transferred to us.

Popular Jobs

 We do not charge for our work!

All vacancies are provided for free

What is the risk when choosing a job yourself?

Hired to work with a good salary, but on which they can fired and not pay.


Spend a few months searching

for a good job.

When you came to work, you did not see what you expected, and that you were promised

Find out if the documents are no longer valid

Frequently Asked Questions


    Come to our office for a consultation. At the first meeting, you will personally meet with our supervisor for a tete-a-tete, define goals and objectives, problems and ways to solve them. The first meeting is possible only in our cozy office, where you can relax, drink a cup of delicious cappuccino and thoroughly agree on the terms of cooperation.

    During our first meeting we must find understanding of each other, determine the direction of possible solutions, and the very possibility of solving the tasks you set.


    We will definitely tell you:

    - can we solve the tasks set by you,

    - can we try to solve the tasks set by you;

    - or: "we can not solve the tasks set by you".

    But in the latter case, we will explain what is an obstacle, and whether it can be overcome.


  •               WHAT GUARANTEES DO YOU GIVE?

    We guarantee you: high level of service, individual approach, knowledge of your business, rich practical experience, confidentiality. Help is not in words, but in deed.


    We value our reputation of a team of highly professional specialists in the field of employment.


  •               WHY NOT PRICE?

    The specific cost of a visa and employment depends on the time frame, work on qualification or without it, what documents are available at the moment, whether delivery is necessary to the place of work. Therefore, the price is determined after a clear understanding of what exactly you need. And the price is guaranteed to suit you.


    In any case, the issue of the cost of services is always discussed.

  •               You are an intermediary?

    No. We work directly with employers and employ only legally to where you are expected. You will receive the best possible earnings in accordance with your qualifications

  •               IF THE WORK IS NOT SUITABLE?

    Often happens such, that work has not arranged you, for the different reasons. In this case we will find you a new job for free. You are always in touch with us, even when you are in Poland.

Leave a request! We will tell you how much

you can earn in Poland..

Full consultation and preparation of documents for obtaining a Polish visa!

Booking a job for you!

The processing of your personal data is strictly confidential.

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+48 796 742 776

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